World Cup Football has a very rich and a colorful history extending as long as 125 years. The first ever international soccer match was played between Scotland and England in the year 1872. At that time, this sport was only confined to Great Britain and was not so popular in other parts of the world. However, now the scenario has completely changed. Not only soccer has become a major world sport but it also has become a major source of entertainment for people around the world.

The world cup football is organized by Federation Internationale de Football Association or FIFA as it is popularly known. World Cup mega event is held every year since 1932, except on two occasions due to Second World War (1936 & 1942).

Football was played in summer Olympics in the years 1900, 1904 and also 1906. In these years, it was not played as a competition but rather it was a demonstration which was held just before the start of other competitions. In 1909, Sir Thomas Lipton organized a football tournament by his name in Turin, in which many professional football teams of Italy, Switzerland and Germany participated. This event is often described as the first world cup.

In the year 1914, FIFA recognized the Olympic tournament as world football tournament for amateurs and took the onus of organizing this sport mega event. This event laid the foundation of the first intercontinental football tournament. Uruguay won this tournament and repeated the same feat in the year 1928.

It was the year 1928, when FIFA announced its separation from the Olympics and decided to hold World Cup Football on its own.

Since Uruguay at that time had already won two intercontinental soccer competitions thus, FIFA decided that Uruguay will host the first ever football world cup which was held in 1930. FIFA invited various national associations to send their football teams to take part in the world cup. However, due to high traveling cost and distance many Europeans countries were hesitant in sending their football teams to Uruguay. After waiting for around two months, FIFA decided to go ahead with the tournament with only 13 countries taking part in it, which included 2 from South America, 7 from North America and 4 from Europe.

FIFA also introduced a women’s world cup in the year 1991. However, this version of the game was not able to generate much interest among the sport lovers.